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Get the Right Aquarium Supplies for Your Fish in Cariboo

At Exotic Aquatic, we believe it is important that an exotic pet store have beneficial pet supplies. We have been selling pet fish since 1999 and we offer an unmatched level of experience and knowledge about tropical fish and reptiles. We have a wide range of aquarium supplies and accessories for customers in the Cariboo region. Your fishy friend deserves the best living environment and the cleanest tank. We sell accessories such as:

gold fish

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eel in aquarium

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gold fish

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Other accessories

Specialists in Our Field

We are specialists in cichlids and we have a professional zoologist on staff to answer your questions and offer a uniquely high level of expertise. When you need food or accessories for your tropical fish or reptile in the Cariboo area, come into Exotic Aquatic.

Exotic Aquatic


We carry many different brands, including:

AquaClear filters
Fluval lighting
Aqueon lighting
Laguna Pond Accessories ponds
Eheim heaters
Marina heaters
Marineland filters and lighting

Almost Done

Fin-ish up by getting some supplies to keep your new friend well-fed, cleaned, and generally happy


Have a Question?

Don’t go fishing for an answer. Contact us if you have questions about fish, reptiles, or anything else.

Special Deals

There’s nothing fishy going on here; just great, in-store deals on a wide variety of fish, reptiles, and other animals. We can also carry other pets such as spiders, birds, and small mammals. Our specials change often; come into our store and see what we have today.

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