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Tropical Fish, Reptiles, and More in Williams Lake

Having a pet can be a very rewarding experience. At Exotic Aquatic, we specialize in exotic pets such as fish and reptiles. We have a large selection of koi, tropical fish, goldfish, reptiles, and amphibians. Our store also features the largest selection of cichlids in Williams Lake and Northern British Columbia. We carry a wide variety of exotic pets, such as:

Tropical fish

Pond fish




Oddball fish (lungfish, tiger fish, bettas, etc)




Bearded dragons



We specialize in cichlids and regularly carry a large variety of them. In addition to fish, reptiles, and amphibians, we also have access to other pets such as spiders, small rodents and other mammals, and birds. If there’s something you are looking for that we don’t have in store, we would be happy to special order it for you. Additionally, we can perform maintenance on aquariums. There’s no need to haul it all the way to our store – we will come to you and provide the maintenance at your location.

Exotic Aquatic

Reliable Expertise

We have a certified zoologist on staff who can answer all your questions in person or over the phone. He can give you recommendations, advice, and tips to help you find the right pet for you or the correct food for your current pet. He also has expertise in breeding fish to get that perfect breed. We have been “fish-mongers” for over 50 years and would love to help you find the fish for you. Come down to our store today.

Wonderful Lizards

See the Wonderful Lizards of Ours

Suffering from a reptile dysfunction? Visit our lizard wizard and get your pet the accessories it needs!


Have a Question?

Don’t go fishing for an answer. Contact us if you have questions about fish, reptiles, or anything else.

Special Deals

There’s nothing fishy going on here; just great, in-store deals on a wide variety of fish, reptiles, and other animals. We can also carry other pets such as spiders, birds, and small mammals. Our specials change often; come into our store and see what we have today.

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