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Exotic Aquatic: Post Items for Sale on our Bulletin Board

Are you upsizing? Completely redoing your aquarium setup? Whatever the case may be, Exotic Aquatic would like to help. Post your old equipment, like aquariums that you want to sell, on the bulletin board in our store! For more information, inquire within.


Almost Done

Fin-ish up by getting some supplies to keep your new friend well-fed, cleaned, and generally happy


Have a Question?

Don’t go fishing for an answer. Contact us if you have questions about fish, reptiles, or anything else.

Special Deals

There’s nothing fishy going on here; just great, in-store deals on a wide variety of fish, reptiles, and other animals. We can also carry other pets such as spiders, birds, and small mammals. Our specials change often; come into our store and see what we have today.

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