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Williams Lake’s Best Fish Food Supplier

Having an exotic fish or reptile as a pet is great, but it is important to think about their care and comfort. At Exotic Aquatic, we carry a wide variety of supplies, food, and medication for your fish or reptile. We are one of the best businesses in Williams Lake for supplies and knowledge. Our trained zoologist can help you find the right selection for your unique pet. We have supplies for your exotic pet, such as:

Fish food

Reptile food

Cat/dog/bird food



Hikari – pet food
Ocean Nutrition – pet food
Exo Terra – reptile food
O.S.I. – pet food
Laguna Pond Accessories ponds
Zilla – reptile food
Omega One – pet food
New Life Spectrum – aquarium food
Northfin – pet food
Elive – aquarium food

Special Orders

If you have pets other than fish or reptiles, fear not! We can special order food for other pets too. We can get you food for cats, dogs, and birds in many of the same brands that you know and love. Call us to order or just come into our shop for any other supplies you need.

Exotic Aquatic
Wonderful Lizards

See the Wonderful Lizards of Ours

Suffering from a reptile dysfunction? Visit our lizard wizard and get your pet the accessories it needs!


Have a Question?

Don’t go fishing for an answer. Contact us if you have questions about fish, reptiles, or anything else.

Special Deals

There’s nothing fishy going on here; just great, in-store deals on a wide variety of fish, reptiles, and other animals. We can also carry other pets such as spiders, birds, and small mammals. Our specials change often; come into our store and see what we have today.

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